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Artist Statement 


Without the ability to create art with pencil or paint, I became fascinated by creating images with light and shadow. My main body of work focuses on photographic portraits, but I have a curiosity that stretches into other areas of photography and mixed media.
The imperfections and diversity that make each person different is the very beauty I endeavour to frame and capture.

​I strive for my imagery to move beyond photos of people, to unravel and present their identity and document their place in the world.
I feel my work will always revolve around the lives of others by portraiture or documentary photography. 

My camera enables my world to be of vivid colours, rich textures, highlights and shadows, with controlled squares of life happening right there and then, It lends me the confidence to continue looking, and take that moment away with me forever.

Services Offered


Family Portraits

Perfect for Everyone


Cake smash

Messy cake fun!

Portrait Sessions

Naturally Beautiful



Effortless and stylish

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