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Public exhibition

The Galleries

Broadmead, The Galleries Shopping Centre, Bristol BS1 3XA

Open from the 17th June - 24th June

Various artists displaying to suit all tastes in artistic expression.

To the Earth We Shall Return

A documentary style project to show how the modern pagans and wiccans are adapting in an increasingly technological society.


With water brings life.

PAGAN-23 copy.jpg

Cleansing with fire.

PAGAN-SHOOT 2-30 copy.jpg

The Coven of Gaia is promoting a return to preserving the earth and learning to adapt back into nature.

PAGAN-14 copy.jpg

Freedom in air.

PAGAN-31 copy.jpg

Rooted in earth.

SONEHENGE-02 copy.jpg

Modern Paganism

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